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Grace Hospital - Recognitions - (back to History Wall Main Page)



Walter Hughson 1906
McNeely DuBose 1907-1911
Stephen Prentiss 1911-1914
George Hilton 1914-1920
Edmund N. Joyner 1920-1921
Norvin C. Duncan 1921-1923
LeRoy Jahn 1925-1934
William S. Stoney 1934-1942
George C. Leavell 1942-1950
Alfred Chambliss 1951-1953
Eugene C. West 1953-1955
John W. Carter 1955-1984
Linda Hawkins 1989-1993
John Fitzgerald 1993-1999
Tom Evans 1999-2001
Dennis Stamper 2002-present
Diana Spangler-Crawford 1991-present

We gratefully acknowledge with
appreciation the following sources of
information and help:

  • Anna Wilson and Jean VanNoppen, who worked on the history wall project for more than two years.
  • Blue Ridge HealthCare Foundation and Carolinas HealthCare System Blue RidgePresident and CEO Kathy Bailey for making the project possible.
  • The North Carolina Room at the Burke County Public Library; The News Herald;
    The History Museum of Burke County; Burke History of a North Carolina County by Dr. E.W. Phifer Jr.; Grace Hospital Guild History by Mrs. John C.
    Reece; Amazing Grace 1845-1995: A History of Grace Episcopal Church by Donna Bott in 1997; Historical Sketch of Grace Church by Rev. William S. Stone, 1935; and Burke County Heritage, Volumes I and II.
  • Grace Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association, especially Phyllis Dills Banner, Class of 59, who put together Grace Sisters, a personal look
    at the nurses who graduated from the school.
  • Dixie Lewis, who wrote the History of Grace Hospital paper in 1959, which inspired Melva Franklin, RN and Kathryn Whisnant, RN, to write The History of Grace Hospital and Grace Hospital School of Nursing, published in 1985.
  • Previous Grace Hospital employees who pulled together historical items and pictures for the 75th, 85th, 95th and 100th celebrations.
MAY 15, 1964 GRACE HOSPITAL BOARD OF TRUSTEES FOR NATIONAL HOSPITAL WEEK - Standing, from left, Dr. E.W. Phifer, president Medical Staff; Mr. J.F. McGimsey, Mr. Sherrod Salsbury, Mr. J.G. Brothers, administrator, Mr. R.M. Starrett, Mr. H.L. Riddle, Mr. Frank C. Patton, Mr. G.M. Hill; seated, from left, Mrs. Ernest Walker, Mrs. A.B. Stoney, Mrs. J.W. Vernon, Mr. Donnell Van Noppen, president; Mr. W.A. Leslie, Mr. Robert P. Phifer, Mr. J.F. Hunt, and the Rev. J.W. Carter


Edward W. Phifer, MD
Mrs. C. Ernest Walker (Annie)
Russell L. Berry
Mrs. Sterling R. Collett (Adaline)
Will A. Harbison
John H. Pearson
Sam J. Ervin, Jr.
Albert F. Garrou
William R. Patton
James F. McGimsey
Noah O. Pitts
Hal M. Walton
Mrs. A. M. Kistler
Arthur C. Chaffee
Mrs. James W. Vernon
Rev. William S. Stoney
J. Henry Gaston
William Vrooman
Robert O. Huffman
Charles E. Kistler


The year Grace Hospital became Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge - Morganton

Edward W. Phifer, MD
Mrs. C. Ernest Walker (Annie)
Russell L. Berry
Mrs. Sterling R. Collett (Adeline)
Will A. Harbison
John H. Pearson
Sam J. Ervin, Jr.
Albert F. Garrou
William R. Patton
James F. McGimsey
Noah O. Pitts
Hal M. Walton
Mrs. A. M. Kistler (Mary Collett)
Arthur C. Chaffee
Mrs. James W. Vernon (Sarah)
Rev. William S. Stoney
J. Henry Gaston
William Vrooman
Robert O. Huffman
Charles E. Kistler
J. Scott Osborne
Randall M. Starrett
Frank C. Patton
Mrs. Charles E. Kistler
John P. Rostan
Mrs. A. B. Stoney
Rev. Charles G. Leavell
Donnell Van Noppen
Edgar D. Alexander
G. Maurice Hill
Robert P. Phifer
Rev. Alfred P. Chambliss, Jr.
H. McDowell Estes
R. G. Allen
William A. Leslie
Sherrod Salsbury
James F. Hunt
Rev. Eugene West
Rev. John Carter
T. Henry Wilson
W. J. Branstrom, Jr.
H. Lee Riddle
Mrs. Arthur Chaffee (Spot)
W. Randolph Loftis
Noah O. Pitts, Jr.
Judge Sam J. Ervin, III
Thomas W. Walton
Charles L. Haywood
John Collett
Walter S. Boone
Mrs. E. P. Bounous (Sonia)
Robert P. Carr, Sr.
G. T. Cornwell
William Wellborn, Jr., MD
Frank DiSanto
C. P. Reinhardt

Hugh Hemmings, MD
Thomas R. Nichols, MD
Beverly D. Hairfield, MD
Jack B. Kirksey
Mrs. Frank C. Patton, Jr. (Susan)
James M. Culberson, Jr.
Howard H. Haworth
Calvin C. Acuff, MD
John Bleynat
Bruno Draxler
C. Miller Sigmon
Billy S. Davis
James J. Thomas, MD
Mrs. Robert L. Patton, Jr.
C. Sam Brinkley
Robert S. Erwin, Jr.
C. J. Dellinger, MD
Mrs. T. Henry Wilson (Dell)
D. Holman Sigmon
Milliard M. Riggs, MD
Andrew Lang, MD
Dr. R. K. Lindquist
J. Iverson Riddle, MD
Phillip Howerton, MD
Alfred Hamer, Jr. MD
William Wellborn, Jr. MD
Ralph Hogshead, MD
James Croft, MD
George Davis, Jr.
John H. Giles, MD
Audrey McBrayer
Mrs. J. H. McCombs (Mary Louise)
Mrs. John C. Reece (Adelaide)
H. Dockery Teele, Jr.
James J. Thomas, MD
Andrew Milton Kistler, II
A.C. Withers, MD
Larry Willis, MD
Wade Webb
Sae Soon Lee, MD
A. John Beucus, IV
J. Michael Bridges
Ralph C. Brittain, Jr.
Rev. Thomas C. Daily
Charles E. Horton
Elzie Hart, Jr. MD
John V. Jokinen
Danny H. Lingerfelt
M. H. “Mac” McCrary
Diane Meyer
William Parton
Edward T. Plyler, MD
Robert B. Salsbury
Edward William Phifer, III
Dorwyn Croom II, MD
Betty Sue Hairfield

B. Keith Forgy, MD
Don Scott, MD
Van C. Irwin
J. Hartley Bowen III, MD
Barbara Norvell
Edward G. Redman
Rev. Charles E. Chatham
Jeffrey Roller, MD
Thomas Pope, MD
C. Michael Fulenwider
Rick Mark
Jack Poteet
Jack C. Weir
Jo Bailey Sitton
Joyce Mills
Walter Johnson
Benjamin Succop
Rountree Collett
Clyde Eskridge
Betty McCurry
Keith S. Smith, MD
Myron W. Smith, MD
G. Alan Griffin
James. L Hatley
Harrison Trammell
Edward Bujold, MD
Robert Turner II
Lloyd Wallace
David Abernathy, MD
Howard Hall, MD
Sam J. Ervin, IV
Carolyn Mook, MD
S. Andrews Deekens, MD
James H. Rostan
Doris Fullwood
Anne DiSanto
Allen Van Noppen
Alan F. Jacks, MD
Jeff Carswell
Clay Richardson, MD
Lisa Buff
Kenneth Bonfield, MD
Philip Tate
Charles Rice



Above: Some members of the Medical Staff are shown here in a 1956 photo: seated, from left: Dr. B.D. Hairfield, surgeon; Dr. J.T. Vernon, psychiatrist; Dr. E.W. Lane, urologist; Dr. M.M. Riggs, general practice; standing: Dr. John C. Reece, pathologist; Dr. E.W. Phifer, surgeon; Dr. J.B. Helms, general practice.

Part of the Medical Staff is shown here in the 1956 photo: Seated, first row: Dr. M.P. Mullen, medicine - courtesy staff; Dr. J.T. McGimsey, medicine; Dr. J.W. Ervin, general practice; Dr. W.C. Arney, general practice - president; Dr. T.R. Nichols, medicine; Dr. A.W. Hamer, general practice; second row: Dr. W.R. Wellborn, ob/gyn; Dr. L.B. Snow, radiologist; Dr. H. Patton, pediatrics; Dr. John S. McKee, psychiatrist; Dr. John Barron, general practice; Dr. C.L. Walton, general practice; third row: Dr. G.M. Billings, EENT; Dr. W.A. Kirksey, general practice; Dr. A.M. Lang, general practice; Dr. W.H. Kibler, general practice; Dr. Ralph Hogshead, general practice.


Abdullah, Sosan J., MD Abernathy, David S., MD Abraham, Kurian C., MD Abraham, Philip J., MD Abrahamsen, Nancy M., MD Acuff, Calvin C., MD
Agrawal, Gautam A., MD
Ahmed, Syed J., MD
Ahsanuddin, Khaja M., MD Ahsanuddin, Rasheda N., MD Alam, Muhammad S., MD Alexander, Daniel V., DO Alexander, M. S., MD
Ali, Ijaz, MD
Alkoutami, Ghassan MD Allaboun, Kadry R., MD
Allport, Simon J., MD
Alm, Stephanie S., MD
Amara, Ashvin K., MD
Amoako, Patricia T., MD Anderson, K. V., MD
Anderson, Larry G., MD
Anthony, R. R., MD
Antley, Jr., Ray M., MD
Antley, Ray M., MD
Armstrong, James A., MD
Arney, WIlliam C., MD
Arnold, Anita M., DO
Arthur, Robert H., MD
Auten, Grace M., MD
Avidon, Glenn S., MD
Azbell, Raymond A., MD Badalyan, Grigor, MD
Baden, Thomas J., MD
Baker, Brenda G., MD
Baker, Scott W., MD
Bakondy, Thomas J., MD
Barron, John I., MD
Batts, Mark B., MD
Bauer, Michael B., MD
Bazemore, Webster, MD
Bell, III, Ira E., MD
Bell, Ira E., MD
Belle, John S., MD
Bender, William R., MD
Bengur, Ahmet R., MD
Benn, Dwight R., MD
Bensky, Andrew S., MD
Berger, Robert, MD
Betancourt, John C., MD
Betor, Catherine C., MD
Bianco, Anthony C., MD
Billings, Gilbert M., MD
Bloing, Robert D., MD
Blomberg, Alfred, MD
Blomeley, Heather I., MD
Boaz, Travis L., MD
Bomeli, Steven R., MD
Bonfield, Kenneth R., MD
Bong, Matthew R., MD Bonkowske, Jeremy J., MD
Boone, Sharon K., MD
Boulware, Mark E., MD
Bowen, III, J. H., MD
Bowen, John H., MD
Boyd, Tammy L., MD
Bracken, Anthony W., MD
Brant, Andrew R., MD Braunsteiner, Aaron J., MD Brazinski, Mark S., MD
Breiter, Eric T., MD
Bringardner, Benjamin D., MD Brooks, Amy S., MD
Brown, Christopher H., DDS Brown, Douglas A., MD
Brown, Saghi S., MD
Browne, Richard E., MD Browning, Jason M., MD
Broyles, Kevin, DO
Bukhari, Mushtaq A., MD
Buresh, Robert C., DO
Burkhart, Rebecca E., MD Campbell, Donald A., MD Campbell, Margaret F., MD Cannon, Shelli E., MD
Carden, Andres S., MD
Carlson, Catherine A., MD Carlton, Richard A., MD
Carrico, Victoria L., MD
Carrion, Ivan, MD
Cecchini, Albert J., DO
Chater, Kamal, MD
Childs, David D., MD
Chimiak, James M., MD
Chow, Lawrence C., MD
Chuang, Mei-Yu, MD
Clapp, Christopher R., MD
Clark, David R., MD
Clark, Kevin R., DO
Clark, Kevin R., DO
Clary, Greg L., MD
Clontz, Luther H., MD
Cloud, William G., MD
Cochran, Stephen G., MD
Coffey, Jason A., MD
Coffey, R. D., DDS
Coggins, Kenneth G., MD
Cole, Paul D., MD
Collett, Ellen, MD
Collett, James R., MD
Collman, Mitchell S., MD Consing, Jesse Rey N., MD Cotton, Leonard B., MD
Cotton, Michael A., MD
Cox, II, James R., MD
Croft, James M., MD
Croom, II Dorwyn W., MD
Crouch, Fred M., MD
Cummings, Charles J., MD
Daley, Christopher T., MD DaVanzo, Christie C., MD
Davis, Andrew C., MD
Davis, Deborah H., MD
Davis, James J., MD
Davis, Mark H., MD
Davis, Olen B., DDS
Davis, W. C., MD
de la Serna, Fernando A., MD DeArment, Michael C., MD Deaton, Pleasant P., MD
Deekens, Jr., Stewart A., MD Dellinger, Clyde J., MD
Dembski, John E., MD
Dibert, Steven W., MD
Diercks, Clinton C., DDS Donnelly, G.L., MD
Doty, John D., II, MD
Downs, Brian W., MD
Drewno, Michael G., MD
Driver, Robert E., MD
Drossner, David M., MD
Dy, Johnny R., MD
Eaton, Robert F., MD
Edgar, Craig, MD
Edwards, III, Byard, MD
Ellertson, Jr., David G., MD Ellison, Carrol W., MD
Ende, John F., MD
Entrikin, Daniel W., MD
Ervin, John W., MD
Evans, III, SR, MD
Evans, Susan L., MD
Evans, William M., MD
Fair, Ronald E., DDS
Falls, Claude T., MD
Falls, Ralph L., DDS
Farrar, J.W., DDS
Fasanello, Richard A., DO
Ferrucci, William S., MD
Fessler, R. G., MD
Finch, G. C., MD
Fine, James R., MD
Fischer, Kevin M., MD
Fisher, Martin J., MD
Fong, Nepenthe I., MD
Forcina, Matthew S., MD
Forgy, B. Keith, MD
Fountain, Helen V., MD
Fox, Jr., Leverne S., MD
Foy, Rudolph V., MD
Frasca, Anthony A., MD
Freeman, W. T., MD
Friend, John E. III, MD
Frugone Larrea, Luigi P., MD
Gabriel, Zizette M., MD
Galloway, Kenneth C., MD
Garrou, Benjamin W., MD
Gaskill, Jr., Milton J., DDS
Geideman, William M., MD
Genant, Jackson R., MD
George, Ayodeji T., MD
Gessner, Martin T., MD
Ghazinoor, Shaya, MD
Ghei, Sonia K., MD
Giannini, Marchelle J., MD
Gibson, Kathleen G., MD
Gibson, Mark A., MD
Gilbert, Richard, MD
Giles, John H., MD
Gingerich, Troy C., MD
Glass, K. S., MD
Glowacki, David M., MD
Glugover, Donald B., MD
Gomes, Johnny S., DO
Gonzalez, Anne R., MD
Gonzalez, Michael B., MD
Goodwin-Barbour, Edith, MD
Goudas, Leonidas A., MD
Gould, G. Michael, DO
Gould, George A., MD
Graham, D. P., MD
Graham, Mark A., MD
Green, Michael B., MD
Greene, Jeffrey H., MD
Greene, Quincy J., MD
Gregory, Pape S., MD
Griffin, Jr., Richard W., MD
Grossens, Michael K., MD
Gupton, S. Thomas, MD
Haigler, Stuart S., MD
Hairfield, Beverly D., MD

Haley, Michael W., MD
Hall, Walter H., MD
Hamel, John D., MD
Hamer, Alfred W., MD
Hamer, Jr. Alfred W., MD
Hamrick, Clinton W., MD
Hanger, Christopher C., MD
Hannah, Frank T., MD
Hannibal, Matthew D., MD
Hanowell, Robert G., MD
Hanowell, Robert G., MD
Harden, Amy J., MD
Harrison, Robert W., MD
Hart, Jr., Elzie F., MD
Hawkins, Seth C., MD
Hazen, Mark S., MD
Heckel, Janice L., MD
Heffner, Alan C., MD
Heil, Thomas L., MD
Helms, J. B., MD
Helms, L. Bivens, MD
Hemmings, Hugh C., MD
Herington, David S., MD
Herlong, James R., MD
Herman, Dennice, MD
Herndon, Jr., William M., MD
Higerd, Michele L., MD
Hill, Brook J., MD
Hill, Roger, MD
Ho, James J., MD
Hogshead Jr., Ralph MD
Hollenbeck, John I., MD
Holler, Edwin H., MD
Holz, Andrew L., MD
Hoppenfeld, Jon-David, MD
Howard, Daniel K., MD
Howard, Jr., Clifford, MD
Howard, Pamela J., MD
Howerton, Philip T., MD
Howes, Jennifer M., MD
Hsu, Raymond M., MD
Hudson, Miles H., MD
Hura, Stefan A., MD
Hussein, Diaa E., MD
Huynh, Toan T., MD
Igdal, Henry, MD
Iqbal, Aamir, MD
Isserman, Steven M., MD
Iyengar, Phaniraj, MD
Jaben, Mark J., MD
Jacks, Alan F., MD
Jacob, Shibin T., MD
Jacobs, Melissa A., MD
Janjua, Muhammad A., MD
Jarrah, Azmi S., MD
Jaszewski, Paul, MD
Jayakumar, Kaimal A., MD
Jayashankar, Ashok A., MD
Johanson, William T., MD
Johnson, Gregory L., MD
Johnstone, A. M., MD
Jones, Edward B., MD
Jones, Gregory L., MD
Joshi, Hemen I., MD
Kaariainen, Ismo M., MD
Kadiev, Steven, MD
Kairalla, Andrew B., MD
Kansara, Sanjay C., MD
Kath, Philip D., MD
Katz, Peter L., MD
Keels, Cameron H., DDS
Keene, Mildred, MD
Kelly, Rachel L., DO
Keverline, Jeffrey P., MD
Khan, Raza A., MD
Khan, Shaheen, MD
Kibler, William H., MD
Kikel, Stephen P., MD
Kim, Eugene J., MD
Kiner, Dirk W., MD
Kirchoff, Patrice M., MD
Kirk, David W., MD
Kirksey, J. J., MD
Kirksey, William A., MD
Kistler, Cara R., MD
Klein, Lisa R., MD
Knechtel, Daniel P., DDS
Koehler, Jan O., MD
Konduru, Chandana, MD
Krogel, Nathaniel R., DO
Krogel, Philene M., DO
Kumar, Amit, MD
Lafferty, John M., MD
Lamke, Geoffrey T., MD
Lane, Jr., Edgar W., MD
Lane, William H., MD
Lang, Andrew M., MD
Langford, Joseph S., MD
Larbi-Siaw, Kwame, MD
Lee, Choo H., MD
Lee, Sae Soon, MD
Leimkuehler, Melissa M., MD
Lemley, Douglas E., MD
Leo, Robert A., MD
Leonard, Kevin J., MD
Levenson, Deborah E., MD
Lewis, David L., MD
Lewis, Jr., Newman M., MD
Liljeberg, Jr., Robert L., MD
Lim, Roger B., MD
Lindblom, Scott S., MD
Lindquist, Richard K., MD
Lobert, Philip F., MD
Lombard, Jr., Robert M., MD
Lomboy, Carl T., MD
Long, Benjamin L., MD
Long, C. L., MD
Loomis, Gandhari, DO
Lowe, William D., MD
Lowry, Jonathan C., MD
Lucktong, Ekachai, MD
Luney, Derek J., MD
Ly, Thuan V., MD
MacGuire, O. Rainer, MD
Madduri, Murthy V., MD
Maggiore, John R., MD
Maglione, Anthony, MD
Malik, Syed W., MD
Malinowski, Beata L., MD
Malostovker, Inna, MD
Mandelbaum, Mark A., MD
Manhiani, Rajwinder S., MD
Mann, David B., MD
Marchese, Mark J., MD
Marella, Punnaiah C., MD
Marino, James T., MD
Mathis, William F., MD
Maturen, Katherine E., MD
Mauney, Jr., Nolan R., MD
Maxy, Ralph J., MD
Mayes, Bruce N., MD
Mazzola, Joseph C., DO
McBrayer, Gerald, DDS
McCarthy, James A., MD
McDonald, Christopher R., MD
McDonald, Ralph N., MD
McDonough, E. R., MD
McGimsey Jr., James F., MD
McGraw, Charles J., MD
McKee, John Sasser, MD
McManus, Mark, MD
McNeill, Donald, MD
McRae, Alexis N., MD
Means, Michael J., MD
Medina, Rudy T., MD
Melton, James D., MD
Menias, Christine O., MD
Mertz, John T., MD
Miller, Joshua S., MD
Miller, Ryan V., MD
Mirza, Nur-E-Ain M., MD
Mohammed, Suneel, MD
Mohiuddin, Masood, MD
Mohiuddin, Mohammed M., MD
Moir, Ronald J., MD
Moise, Duane M., DO
Mook, Carolyn I., MD
Moore, III, W. M., MD
Morgan, Nancy E., MD
Moriarty, Mark H., MD
Morsek, John R., MD
Mukubwa, Colin T., MD
Mull, Courtney D., MD
Mull, Richard T., MD
Mullen, Malcolm P., MD
Mullis, Suzanne D., MD
Muniz, Felix R., MD
Munoz, Rigardy P., MD
Nagy, Barbara, MD
Neale, Jr., Richard C., MD
Neale, Spottswood, MD
Nesbitt, John A., MD
Neuwirth, Bryan R., MD
Nguyen, Kim N., MD
Nichols, Thomas R., MD
Nieters, Gerald F., MD
O`Shura, John S., MD
O’Cain, Charles F., MD
Oehlbeck, Luther W., MD
Ogrodowczyk, Todd E., MD
Okafor, Ifeanyichukwu O., MD
Olson, Jennifer J., MD
Omer, Syed, MD
Orlowski, Richard, MD
Orrison, W. G., MD
Owens, R. C., MD
Owusu-Addo, Yaw A., MD
Paisley, R. L., DDS
Palmer, Yates S., MD
Palwai, Aishwarya, MD
Panter, James A., MD
Paolillo, Joseph A., MD
Park, Richard, MD
Parrott, James H., MD
Parvan, Lucia S., MD
Pascale, James A., MD
Patel, Ashish D., MD
Patel, Jayendrakumar I., MD
Patel, Jignesh S., MD
Patel, Kinnaresh S., MD
Patel, Mahendrabhai N., MD

Patel, Narenda K., MD
Patrone, Vicent J., MD
Patton Jr., William H., MD
Patton, R. Michael, MD
Paul, Richard V., MD
Peacock, Jeffrey E., MD
Penna, N. J., MD
Penna, Nicholas, DDS
Pernie, Keith H., MD
Phifer Jr., Edward W., MD
Phifer, Edward W., MD
Pisel, Gregory A., MD
Plyler, Edward T., MD
Pociask, Stephen B., MD
Pollock, Jeffrey M., MD
Pommersheim, William J., MD
Poole, Shannon R., MD
Pope, Thomas D., MD
Potocki, Jason J., MD
Potter, Christopher G., MD
Potter, Darrell J., MD
Powell, Anthony F., MD
Prasher, Sanjay, MD
Przybysz, Thomas M., MD
Pyreddy, Pavan, MD
Ramia, Carlos G., MD
Rashid, Daniel J., MD
Raymond, Kimberly J., MD
Raynor, Leighton A., MD
Reddy, Naveena M., MD
Reddy, Sreenivas M., MD
Reddy, Vijaya K., MD
Reece, John C., MD
Reeves, G. F., MD
Reif, Michael S., MD
Rerkpattanapipat, Pairoj, MD
Rheinbolt, Joshua A., MD
Rice, Edward A., MD
Richardson, Clay W., MD
Riddle, J. Bennett, MD
Riddle, J. Iverson, MD
Riggs, Milliard M., MD
Robinson, Laurie C., MD
Robinson, Timothy M., MD
Rodden, J. L., MD
Roller, Jeffery E., MD
Romanoff, Mark E., MD
Rose-Jones, Lisa J., MD
Rosenzweig, Howard J., MD
Ross, Andrew M., MD
Ross, Charles, MD
Ross, Mary Kay, MD
Rouhipour, Varqa, MD
Ruechel, Chad A., DO
Russell, Christopher D., MD
Russo, Cheryl A., MD
Saarel, E. V., MD
Sacchetti, Mario P., DO
Sachdev, Gaurav, MD
Sain, H. Theron, MD
Salisbury, James A., MD
Salomon, R. J., MD
Salsman, Richard L., MD
Salvador, Wenimar D., MD
Sathiraju, Gowri D., MD
Saunders, Andrew P., MD
Schattschneider, Gary, DPM
Scherock, Deanna L., MD
Schmitt, Philip J., MD
Schneiderman, Roy, MD
Schorr, David M., MD
Schroeder, Karl, MD
Schwarz, Matthew K., MD
Scoggins, J. B., MD
Scoggins, Scott C., MD
Scott, Don J., MD
Scott, Stephen S., MD
Seagle, Roger L., MD
Severn, H. D., MD
Shah-Khan, Sardar M., MD
Shannon, Andrew T., MD
Shapiro, Daniel A., MD
Shauger, Kenneth L., MD
Shelton, Jr., Vader, DDS
Sherman, Jonathan D., MD
Sherrill, John H., MD
Sherwood, Matthew W., MD
Shue, Jr., Grady V., MD
Sieberg, Scott, MD
Simmons, Andrew D., MD
Simolke, Gregory A., MD
Sims, III, Harrison G., MD
Sindram-Trujillo, Aliana P., MD
Siripurapu, Shantipriya, MD
Skolochenko, Michael, MD
Sladicka, Stephen J., MD
Smeeks, Frank C., MD
Smith, Allen O., MD
Smith, Christopher L., MD
Smith, III, Myron, MD
Smith, Michael B., MD
Smith, Stephen K., MD
Snow, Dan G., MD
Snow, Leo B., MD
Spain, Blake A., MD
Spiggle, John A., MD
Sran, Manjinder S., MD
Stanislaw, James E., MD
Stearns, Brent A., MD
Steele, W. Franklin, MD
Steg, Brian D., MD
Stevens, Jr., James A., MD
Stevenson, Robert M., MD
Stiff, A. Olin, MD
Story, John S., MD
Strawhun, Kristin L., MD
Strother, Byron K., MD
Sturgess, Susan D., MD
Stutesman, Michael S., MD
Styer, Stephen P., MD
Sudy, Donald J., MD
Sullivan, Robert J., MD
Suresh, Ramarao, MD
Swartz, Justin S., MD
Swayze, Ava M., DO
Sykola, Jr., Raymond, MD
Symington, Richard C., MD
Tanas, K. S., MD
Tate, Michael N., MD
Tawakol, Hesham S., MD
Taylor, Adela V., MD
Taylor, Chau C., MD
Taylor, Erasmus H. E., MD
Taylor, James E., MD
Taylor, Robert A., MD
Thakkar, Nehal P., MD
Thomas, James J., MD
Thompson, Douglas J., MD
Thompson, James R., MD
Tomlinson, Kevin L., DO
Topple, S. C., MD
Torman, Robert T., DO
Tribble, Brendan T., MD
Troxler, David H., MD
Turner, Susan, MD
Tye, Grace A., MD
Tyler, Richard, MD
Updaw, II, Robert J., MD
Vadnerkar, Aniket A., MD
Vernon, J. Taylor, MD
Vernon, J. W., MD
Vivas, Yoel R., MD
Vongkavit, Piyapong, MD
Waksman, Daniel, DO
Walker, Jr., Earl W., MD
Walton, Cyrus L., MD
Walton, II, William H., MD
Warrick, Paul D., MD
Wasserman, Paul L., DO
Waters, Barbara B., MD
Watkins, Henry C., DO
Watson, Amy T., MD
Weaver, Seth A., DPM
Wellborn, Jr., William R., MD
Westra, Donald, MD
Weyers, Cheryl M., MD
Whaley, James D., MD
Whalley, John F., MD
Whiddon, Scott M., MD
White, Emmett R., MD
Whitmire, Lelan F., MD
Whyte, Allyson J., MD
Whyte, Thomas R., MD
Wilde, R. T., MD
Wilder, Brian J., MD
Wiley, Thomas M., MD
Williams, J. Barton, MD
Williams, Todd MD
Willinger, Samuel M., MD
Willis, Larry F., MD
Wilson, Bonita W., MD
Wilson, Lawrence, MD
Withers, Abner C., MD
Wojtkowski, Thea A., MD
Woodhouse, Shirley, MD
Wright, Jack L., MD
Yapundich, Robert A., MD
Yarbrough, Demetria L., MD
Yen, Kenneth T., MD
Yoder, Charles D., MD
Yoshida, Emmy, MD
Young, Jamie S., MD
Yousuff, Sarah, MD
Zapawa, Jeffrey E., MD
Zeller, Robert G., MD
Zgoda, Michael A., MD
Zolak, Jason S., MD
Zook, Jason D., MD



The last year Grace financially supported the program.

Lola Wilson
Victoria Danner
Ella Mae Gutshell

Daisy Orr
Marie Silver

Carlotta Smith Norton
Alice Wood Wilds

Julia Bell Christy
Christy Ila Oxentine

Eldy Whisnant

Ethel Miller

Florence Fleming

Nannie DeVault
Ruth C. Wall

Essie Causby Lay
Vida Butt

Anita Whisnant

Katherine Cayle
Annie Laura Peterson
Kathaleen Sherbert

Fleta Jo Hall

Lula Roper

Vandalana Tate Teague

Laura Settlemyre

Brathel Abernathy Cabiniss
Ruth Roper Garrison
Annie M. Hefner Pitts

Vila Lawton
Frances Garren
Zonie Coffey Houston
Sara Ikerd O’Berry
Fushia Bolick Wilson

Catherine Pinner Cole

Cornelia Harbison
Amy Thornburg McGee

Estelle Franklin Ball
Elizabeth Housar Braswell
Ruby Ledbetter Mallory
Irene Rust
Gertrude Sue Williams Shaw
Clemmie Newell Fraser Specht

Gladys Cable Hitching
Hazel Gragg Wilkins

Louise Jeffcoat Cable
Thelma Clark
Maude Clay Gibbs
Della Grier
Mozelle Kell Hatfield
Lucy Carpenter Johnson
Thelma Sherrill Strickland

Rilda Carico Allen
Barbara Martin Kincaid
Mary Belle Hayes

Clara Dula
Mabel Smith Franklin

Edna J. Grimes
Maude Bandy Hallyburton
Marie Wilhelm Hedrick
Carrey Bellaney Penn
Edith Smith Samon
Mae Cobb Thomas

Juanita Sheets Collingsworth
Goldie Popp Crater
Katherine Hicks Dixon
Virginia Madeline Smith Key
Margaret Blackwell Kibler
Iris McGimsey Morrison
Helen Pientka Strother

Myrtle Berryhill
Ruth Eller Crowell
Para Lee Biggerstaff Payne
Bessie Franklin Propst
Eloise Payne Saunders
Ruth Young Abee

Jessie Ray Biggerstaff
Melva Jenkins Franklin
Katherine Kissiah Hagar
Ola Strickland Hall
Harriet Boggs Hebert
Virginia Wenger

Marjorie Turner Breeden
Fairy Hayes Holland
Pearl Herman Hoyle
Isabell Mock

Lois Miller Alexander Branton
Eugenia Brooks Dobson
Ruby Williams Ewing
Mabel Salyer Kirby
Agnes Packett Minish
Margaret Gobble Pressley
Annie Clawson Sharpton
Mazii Howard Stines
Lorine Shell Turner
Hazel Guinn Gouge

Avis Dean Martin Cox
Elizabeth Fullbright Feeney
Mary Lee Donoho Grafe
Gladys Smith King
Johnsie Keller Puckett
Christine Davis Reid

Lorene Wellman Bass
Ann Dellinger Battle
Mildred Wilkey Blackwell
Beatrice Salyer Bouchard
Louise Wilson Cox
Grace Genevive Freeman
Wilhelmina Simmons Hamer
Florence Denton Hooper
Frances Lineback Ross
Margaret Sherrill Tanaw

Paula Dreama Bowman
Hettie Katherine Cox
Betty South Cipolina
Drue Melton Ennis
Christine Ingram Gentry
Emily Hoovey
Bessie McNeely
Norma Truesdale Morris
Virginia Sorrells Owensby
Lois Mace Sayles
Helen Bolick Sorrells
Pearl Wakefield
Isha Marie McCall Whitner

Ruth Eileen Yoder Blackwell
Elsie Faw Caldwell
Ruby Hartness Chapman
Mary Kaiser Preston
Nina McFalls Lingerfelt
Elva Glenn Wilkie
Ada Faw Wortman

Mildred Bowman Arrowood
Evelyn Carpenter
Vera Buchanan Clodfelter
Wanda Carswell Harris
Jessie Piercy Helner
Beatrice Martin Ridenhour
Mildred Freeze Roper
Aileen Harmon Sinclair
Eunice Mise Sisk
Carrie Snyder
Jean Shuping Wall

Emma Palmer Blackburn
Julia Robinson Boheler
Joyce McElveen Byrely
Gladys Cobb Clark
Jean Beal Denton
Roberta Burkett Farthing
Inita Hoyle Feimster
Gladys Hock Lane
Jane Seagle Reichard
Orpha Ford Shuford
Juanita Green Wellman
Kathyrn Calloway Whisnant
Annie Yarborough Wiley

Dorothy Tuttle Browning
Vonnie Basse Corley
Dorothy Warlick Pate
Billie Ingram Vestal

Kathleen Ogle Gibbs
Lucy Saunders Hollifield
Rachel Nantz Janeczek
Edith Causby Williams

Charlene S. Bowers
Thelma Cloer Carroll
Patsy Earley Cowan
Joyce Woody Cranford
Margaret Davis
Mary Dale Eifird
Betty Aldridge Harrill
Ruth Cook Hennessee
Louise Campagner Heckert
Betty Jo Willis Hoyle
Wilma Ayers Hughes
Mildred Hunt
Ruth Coffey Isenhour
Betty Hedrick Duffey
Lena Popp Mull
Margaret Epley Rumisell
Flora Harrill Stines
Frances Wilson Walton
Mary Greene Watkins
Sybil Cline Watkins
Genevieve Whetstine Worley

Ann Sprouse Anders
Grace Rodgers Barnett
Dorothy Beard
Lola Bullman
Genelle Morris Causby
Marjorie Cordell Creasman
Frances Ensley Honeycutt
Louella Franklin Hutto
Irene Haire Isaac
Peggy Davis Kutchenreither
Dorothy Allman Lowman
Betty Williams Smith
Mary Ring Smith
Betty Davenport Sparks
Martha Nell Kaylor Walker
Mamie Chandler Whisenant
Mildred Creson Wilson
Theda Hollar Yancey

Carolyn Denny Benfield
Mary Ross Berry
Constance Willis Bowman
Sylvia Harris Davis
Betty Bean Denton
Geraldine Hayes Elledge
Peggy Reavis Elliott
Peggy Spencer Frezzell
Gladys Tilson Greene
Dare Wilson Harrison
Josephine Greer Harrison
Geneva Clontz Hoke
Mary Deck Hudspeth
Nadine Deweese Hutchinson
Hilda Poole Ladd
Joyce Hartzog Mackie
Kate Fender Melton
Teresa Justice Scism
Martha Ross Setliff
Peggy Bryant Stevens
Frances Dellinger Williams
Katie Poarch Williams

Weyburn Reid Bailey
Betty Vance Benton
Zona Query Burns
Carol Bryant Cooper
Mary Isaacs Goodman
Evelyn Wilson Hall
Mary Whitener Hostetter
Jane Tilson Jolly
Nina Seagle Lingerfelt
Wanda Miller Medlock
Betty Morris Smith
Mildred Pennell
Rebecca McNeely Staron
Betty Shuping Williams

Mary Alice McMillian Brown
Nixie Propst Chapman
Beulah Patton Clark
Bobbie Jaynes Curtis
Joyce Harklerode Evans
Doris Moody Head
Daisy Fox Hollar
Anne Walker Burleson
Tressie May Hoover
Thelma Phillips Franklin
Laura Laxton Ingle
Nan Culler Justice
Dorothy Watson Noble
Weeta Searcy Poteat
Jackie Dorn Pruett
Margaret Parks Rankin
Coleen Houck Rowe
Alice Hayes Tate
Elizabeth Robinson Roper
Carolyn Barlowe Woodard

Paula Kirby Benway
Nell Wright Browning
Deana Cross
Weyma Woody Earwood
Joan Sparks Greer
Pearl Sigmon Hedrick
Doris Reel Johnson
Joan Jones King
Barbara Greene Little
Norma Bartlett Miller
Barbara McKinney McRee
Thelma Wilson Mink
Helen Ramsey Nantz
Lois Richards Pennell
Billie Morrow Teague
Zella Willis Whisnant
Paula Hilliard Williams
Beth Chrisawn Withers

Betty McKinney Bostain
Anne Wellborn Campbell
Betty Dyson Crump
Nadine Grindstaff Fisher
Norma Harwell Gibbs
Shirley Brookshire Gray
Evelyn Riddle Hamilton
Marie Henson
Nancy Norris Perry
Bobbie Burleson Sanders
Mirvin Scoggins
Dorothy Ford Sparks
Brejetta Wilson
Loree Duval Wilson
Helen Franklin Wiseman
Shirley Queen Wright

Sue Ollis Brinkley
Margaret Tappen Browning
Jean Shelton Cable
Geraldine Clay Cummings
Marinetta Harris Fisher
Nancy Jones Fleming
Hariette Jordan Gurdis
Joretta Smith Jacquins
Mary Seagle Oxford
Barbara Davis Pitts
Patricia Earley Puett
Frances Garrison Randolph
Geraldine Williams Rowe
Hazel Carter Taylor
Juanita Cooper Williams

Frances Naves Anderson
Phyllis Dills Banner
June Chambers Barnett
Elva Young Boyd
Regina Crawley
Julia Thomas Cromer
Pat H. Greene
Carolyn Cuneo Oldham
Doris O’Kelly Reep
Anna Jane Boone Richards
Dean Ball Strickland
Gloria Summers
Ruby Bowles Thompson
Stella Ballew Urban
Marjorie Gordon Vanhorn
Grace Day Walker

Earline Clark Hanson
Katherine Dalton McCombs
Joy Young Ringland
Ann Hoover Secrest
Sandra Walker Smith
Virginia Wilson Williams
Nora Frances Young

Reba Barnes
Elizabeth Whisnant Berry
Judith Berry
Faye Miller Cline
Joyce Miller Curtis
Joyce Buchanan Kent
Shirlee Lee
Nellie Townsend Lewis
Billie Eaker Newton
Jane Franklin Robinson
Martha Buchanan Sharp
Joann Byrd Shireman
Emogene Denton Small
Florence Boggs Smith
Betty Jean Driver Wolfe
Anne Phillips Wood

Jeanie Garrison Hetherman
Judy Barrier Karabin
Janice Hoyle Ledford
Hazel Ollis Benfield
Ann Taylor Plemmons
Sylvia Brown Racine
Gail Yount Royal
Loretta Johnson Teague
Shirley Townsend
Gail Dyson Walther
Rebecca Laurence West

Patricia Burleson
Shirley Church Coffey
Grace Proffitt Davis
Linda Turner Patterson
Lena Rhodes Pearson
Doris Boyd Phillips
Donna Roulic
Ruth Martin Wilson

Sally Sue Ballentine
Lois Bull Bradley
Barbara Nix Cathey
Ruby Fullbright Durant
Glenda Sue Earley
Marsha Hubbell Huddle
Elaine Reinhardt
Elizabeth Wilson Riggs
Martha Ann Trexler
Brenda Honeycutt Watson

Shirley Jean Bridges
Joan Eysenback Cooper
Jane Biggerstaff Floyd
Annette Deck Garrou
Sally Ridgeway Johnson
Judith Green Laur
Alyce Duckworth Leonard
Hazel Wyatt McNeely
Janet Lee Moser
Alice Faye Sherrill
Janice Peterson Russell
Shirley Stevens Smith
Mary Mitchell Walker
Mary Ann Mosher Widenhouse

Brenda Maynard Beatty
Linda Keenan Brackett
Linda Williams Fogleman
Janice Collins Gerwig
Mary Jo Perkins
Anne White Hornbuckle Rollins
Emily Jane Honeycutt
Martha Queen Norton
Judith Tuller Stepp

Frankie Duncan Brock
Sara Buckner
Jamie Miller Carlton
Linda Hege
Jo Ann Carter Hornsby
Nancy Luper McInnis
Patricia Newton
Betty Steele Parker
Anita Davis Peterkin
Betty Lou Moses Pruette
Diana Bishop Thompson
Rosa Trent Thompson

Denna Willis Cline
Barbara Ann Chandler
Sylvia Harmon Wright
Cecilia West Gamble
Judith Carter Goodson
Lucinda Jobst Jones
Susan Smith Poteat
Linda Parker Thompson
Linda Ward Tyler
Phyllis Hodges Wernle

Karetta Gullett Anderson
Gail Haynes Bowman
Patricia Spencer Cooke
Linda Potter Freeman
Rachel Mosteller Funderburk
Irene McAtee Henline
Sarah Leonhardt Keeling
Linda Hester Phillips
Sylvia Callaway Turner
Sonda Bonom Warrington
Janet Watson Whisnant

Brenda Christie Adams
Elizabeth Pfefferkorn Conway
Martha Brewer Hauser
Mary Murphy Mace
Patsy Seamon McGeorge
Brenda Deitz Moser
Susan Cochcroft Newton
Sylvia Harmon WrightIva
Juanita Osborn
Evelyn Stamey
Vickie Leftwich Tudor
Linda Mangum Wood

Rebecca Adcock
Cecilia Patton Bolman
Sharon Watts Cressman
Martha Mitchell Funnell
Linda Chilton Gill
Shirley Baker Huffman
Alice Biggerstaff Loper
Jane Mashburn
Reba Kelly Miller
Margaret Aldrich Morris
Sandra Lemly Padgett
Janet Nash Roseman
Ann Williams Ryan
Rebecca Sink Schlein
Peggy Trivette Sipe
Linda Wilson Ward

Teresa Caldwell Allen
Rachel Allison
Susan Huss Mayse
Evelyn B Emory
Beth Martin Evans
Mary Rice Hendndren
Rita King Ierson
Mary Lloyd Miller
Ellen Mucksam Settar
Ruth Huffman Snipes
Joan Hough Stevens
Sharon Walker Smith

Patricia Glass Allen
Ann Fox Andrews
Elizabeth Pless Baucom
Agnes D Biscoe
Linda Larson Comcowich
Jane Lane Burckhalter
Naomi Young East
Suzanne Louise Farrell
Carol Young Gault
Anga Whittington Goodson
Christine Viltoft Groth
Connie Hastings
Rebecca McFarland Hodson
Grenda Jones Kelly
Sally Biggers McCane
Larrie Silcox Murray
Nancy Crockett Phillips
Deborah Cheek Reynolds
Peggy Harmon Shore
Brenda Simpson Smith
Susan Kay Sowell
James D. Sprouse
Diane Ritchie Whalen
Sandra Clements Williamson

Monica Alvarado
Sylvia Extine Bradshaw
Diane Summer Brown
Marguerite Newman Burcham
Kathy Calloway
Paulette Herman Church
Brenda Garmon Fox
Martha Oliver Gilbert
Betsy Martois Hawkins
Linda Craft Hill
Nancy Hamilton Hopkins
Joy Adair Johnson
Pamela Keener
Patricia Keaton Koontz
Elaine Grooms Lanning
Theresa Ruth Nix Leonhardt
Carolyn Sheets
Nina Brown
Vickie Dawalt Wentz