Lights of Love Ceremony Honors Dr. Richardson and Remembers Becky Fulenwider

The 2020 Lights of Love ceremony was held virtually on the campus of CHS Blue Ridge-Valdese and featured Dr. Greg Jones, radiation oncologist; Melissa Kanupp, BSN, RN, radiation oncologist nurse; and Michael Bridges, chairman of the CHSBR Board of Directors. All three thanked they many donations to the program that helps patients receiving treatment at Levine Cancer Institute Blue Ridge. The money may be used to buy medications, provide transportation, buy special wraps for women getting radiation therapy and “Keep Smiling” oral hygiene packages. As North Star sponsors, Dr. Jones and his wife, Robin, gave in honor of the radiation oncology staff, while Michael Bridges and his wife, Charle, donated the sponsorship in honor of Dr. Clay Richardson, who has been diagnosed with cancer, and in memory of Becky Fulenwider, a nurse here for 34 years who died in October from COVID. Becky’s husband, Russ and sons, Christian and Judge were on hand to light the tree. 

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